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Bioscience and health data management creates practical solutions

BHIR fuses research streams into multidimensional biomedical information solutions that solve problems at every level of the biohealth continuum. We help you to make the fullest and best use of an underutilized resource: data. BHIR’s expertise in informatics allows you to:

  • Monetize data to develop new products;
  • Discover new applications for existing products;
  • Develop processes to streamline workflow and increase operating efficiency.
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Bioinformatics research can enhance your organization

Our data solutions can lead to your breakthroughs. Informatics improves bioscience research and healthcare through a better understanding of health and biomedical sciences, applying data analytics and innovations in technology development and system sciences. These improvements can lead to new standards of care and innovative treatments for disease.


Faculty at the BioHealth Informatics Research Center at IUPUI have developed informatics tools and processes to advance health care:

  • Computational approaches to mine complex and heterogeneous, publicly available data sources to address specific biomedical and health care goals;
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning to examine an organism’s phenotype and its relevance to disease conditions using data from high-throughput screening technologies;
  • New types of data analysis methods that combine real-time, cost-effective genomic diagnostic sequencing with informatics inferencing, creating novel technologies to stratify and diagnose cancer and neurological diseases;
  • Task analysis—designing information systems to improve processes for health care providers and consumers;
  • Widely used software tools for top-down mass spectrometry-based proteoform identification, characterization, and quantitation;
  • Virtual reality technology to improve health care delivery for newborns in low- and middle-income nations;
  • Analysis of success factors in targeted radiation for accurate dose delivery to tumors;
  • Investigation of reducing radiation-induced toxicities through precision radiotherapy based on biomarker analysis;
  • Integrated data sources to better understand complex neurological diseases and dementias, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Our Expert Faculty

Department of BioHealth Informatics faculty are leaders in research and development of new tools and processes to advance the state of informatics in bioscience and health. These researchers are available to bring their experience and innovative expertise to work for you:

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